Chatwin Engineering constructed the original Ittattsoo water system in 1986. The supply was from the Village of Ucluelet, which was pumped to a 30m standpipe.

Chatwin Engineering has been retained to undertaken the design and manage the construction for the new Community water system upgrades, required to meet the growing demands of the increasing population of the Community and the higher standards of water quality for its citizens.

Design services have included assessment of the existing facilities, designs for a new booster pump station and water treatment facility, dedication water supply line to the reservoir and upgrades to their water distribution system to meet current fire protection regulations.

Chatwin Engineering is currently (November 2012) undertaking an options analysis to review alternative reservoir solutions for the Nation, as the existing reservoir is not at a high enough elevation to provide sufficient water pressure at recent subdivision developments within higher areas of the Community. It also has insufficient storage to meet the fire protection requirements for Community infrastructure. Chatwin Engineering is studying different reservoir options and locations to determine the most economic solution to meet the Nation’s long term water supply requirements.