Halalt First Nation, near Chemainus, retained Chatwin Engineering to undertake the upgrades and improvements for their water supply system.  The design services included a feasibility study of various options to improve the system and predesign, detailed design phases were completed.  The project went to construction in 2012.  The construction work involved a new well, pump house, water treatment facility, new reservoir, water supply and distribution piping to bring the Community’s water supply system up to current Canadian drinking water standards and to meet the fire protection needs for the growing Community.

The project incorporated state of the art techniques for boring under Bonsall Creek and the ICF Railroad.

Brian Chatwin, P.Eng., President of Chatwin Engineering was introduced to Sam Allman regarding the development of 28 acres of property in Nanaimo, most of it waterfront. Sam ended up hiring Brian and Chatwin Engineering to do the engineering on Sam’s 28 acre project. Read more