By the Acre

Brian Chatwin, P.Eng., President of Chatwin Engineering was introduced to Sam Allman regarding the development of 28 acres of property in Nanaimo, most of it waterfront. Sam ended up hiring Brian and Chatwin Engineering to do the engineering on Sam’s 28 acre project.

Years later Sam wrote a book called “Buy It By The Acre, Sell It By The Foot, -The Anatomy of a Real Estate Development”, by Sam Allman with Sheldon Allman and published by Crossroads Press, Vancouver, BC.

Chapter III entitled “Finding the Project”, has Sam and his partner negotiating with the owner of the property and purchasing 28 acres of land in Nanaimo, BC.

The following is an excerpt from this book and opens with the following words:

“Where our hero flings himself into the maelstrom of the market place and comes up clutching a prize in the form of the best piece of development property that he’d ever seen.”